Academic Support Programs

Extra Help: Extra help is available from your child’s teacher at least one time per week from 2:05pm – 2:45pm.  In extra help, your child can get individualized help from their teacher.  Extra help is highly recommended as the course teacher knows your child and the course expectations.  Extra help can be accessed by all students struggling in any class.  For an extra help schedule, please contact your child’s teacher(s).

S.T.E.P: The STEP program runs from 2:45pm-4:45pm pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on subject area.  STEP offers content support and Regents prep for students.  Students must provide their own transportation home from this program.  Attendance will be taken.  Please contact your counselor for more information.

  • Content support: STEP is a support program for students who have been identified as needing academic support by their counselor, administrator, teacher or parent.  Students need to attend extra help with their teacher to be eligible for STEP.  Referrals to the STEP program are made through the student’s counselor.  STEP is designed to provide instructional support for students who have deficiencies in skills, in need of content support beyond extra help, or looking to improve their test scores.  
  • Regents Prep: Additionally, Regent’s prep is offered through STEP.

Credit Recovery: Available for students who failed core courses previously.

Regents Review 2.0:  A free service presented by New York's public broadcasters through the support of NYSUT and the Association for Public Broadcasting.  Regents Review 2.0 includes specially prepared television episodes, online videos, and resources.