Service Learning Philosophy

According to the National Commission on Service Learning, service learning is “a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.” Service learning combines SERVICE with LEARNING.

Report from the National Commission on Service Learning

Service learning can be completed through any pre-approved service learning organization listed on our website, as well as:

  • Mahopac High School clubs and athletic teams
  • Mahopac District Schools
  • The Mahopac Sports Association
  • Mahopac Youth Sports Clubs
  • Any non-profit organization

We strive to keep our list of pre-approved sites as comprehensive as possible. Students can complete their service learning requirement through more than one organization beginning the summer before grade 9.

 Service Learning Opportunities

Additional Service Learning Opportunities

 Additional Volunteer Opportunities.pdf 


Service Learning Process

Incoming freshmen are required to complete 60 hours of service learning at a non-profit agency for graduation.  Our recommendation is that students complete 15 hours per year.

Service Learning Process

Step 1: A proposal form is to be completed for each Service Learning Activity unless it is at a pre-approved location. 

Step 2: Once the approval has been obtained students can begin their Service Learning Hours. 

Step 3: Once hours have been completed at a specific location, students must make sure that their site supervisor(s) either sign off on organization letterhead the number of hours completed or sign off on the MHS Service Learning Certificate of Completion form. Student should keep these letters until a total of 60 hours has been completed.

Step 4: After all 60 hours have been completed, students complete a reflection form and attach all letters received from their Site Supervisor(s).  Students submit paperwork as a completed packet to their house secretary.  Once this packet has been submitted, the hours will be documented in the school records.

Step 5: Some of our students complete service learning hours above and beyond the 60 hour requirement. We would like to recognize these students in a special ceremony in June of senior  year. If students have completed 300 (or more) service learning hours, please submit documentation no later than May 15 of their senior year to assure recognition.