Principal Message

March 2021

Greetings MHS Community,

On Monday, April 5, 2021 we will begin our In-Person or Virtual learning. There will no longer be Blue and Gold Cohorts. 

I would like to offer some reminders and suggestions.


  1. Complete the ezSCRN app questions each day you come to school and stay home, attend school virtually, if you are directed through the screening. If you need assistance with ezSCRN, please refer to our  ezSCRN Support Doc .
  2. Student drop off / pick up occurs in the rear of MHS ONLY. 
  3. Each student must have their temperature taken prior to entering the building.
  4. Upon entering the building, the student must report directly to their classroom. There are no lockers available for storage. 
  5. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times.
  6. Face Shields will be handed out beginning April 5th and are to be worn as directed. Please refer to the  FAQ's regarding Face Shields .
  7. Lunch can only be eaten in our designated eating areas (Cafe / Library). 
  8. Social distancing of 6 feet is expected at all times (when possible). 
  9. Library, Junior Senior Lounge, and Computer Room are not available. 

  10. Suggestions:
    We are very excited to have you back in school with us! 
    Regards,  Matt Lawrence, Ed.D.



Read Previous Messages from Dr. Lawrence

December 2020

"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a Gift. That's why they call it the present". In 2020 we have each learned, through our unique experiences, that being mindful of ourselves, our friends, and our greater community Today... is what has brought us through some of the most challenging days many of us will ever see. I am grateful for the compassion, creative thinking, resilience, and risk taking by everyone, each and every day. Together, Today, we will all shape our Tomorrow.  We are MHS!

Looking back at some of our most unexpected highlights of 2020:
  • Outdoor Graduation in cars
  • 12/17/2020 - The most welcome snow day ever
  • June and August Regents exams canceled
  • From Zoom to Google Meets
  • Blue days and Gold days
  • The Presidential Election
  • Virtual Back to School Night
  • Teaching to screens with no student faces on the other side
  • Learning from teachers teaching from their living rooms with maybe the occasional pet or kid popping on camera
  • Art projects using any supplies you can find in your house because stores are closed
  • Parent/Student pick-ups with rear windows down, masks on, holding large signs with names written on them
  • Class of 2020 graduation parade sponsored by the Town of Carmel
  • Virtual AP Exams


November 2020

"Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness.  Thankfulness may consist merely of words.  Gratitude is shown in acts."  Henri Frederic Amiel

Happy Thanksgiving MHS!

October 2020

We have our students back at MHS and we LOVE IT ! 
Our students have breathed new life into all aspects of MHS  - we are so happy to have them back with us !
Everyone is adjusting to our new safety protocols and process just fine. I make it a point to talk to our students to get their reflections on coming back to school versus attending school virtually, the responses are consistently - being back at MHS is different but GREAT 
Please stay in contact with your student's teachers frequently ! 
Important Dates:
  • Interim Report Posting :   10 / 19 / 20
  • Virtual - Back To School Night:  10 /19 / 20 @ 7:00 pm
Important Reminders:
  • Complete EZscrn for students. - Daily
  • Masks:  Gaiter masks, vented masks, and bandanas are NOT approved for use at MHS
  • Weekly cycle and cohort color day schedule can be found at the bottom of our website
  • Follow me on Twitter for MHS updates :  Dr. Matt Lawrence @ PacHS_Principal

September 2020

Welcome to 2020 - 21!

Although we are starting in a remote setting, we have our eyes on the return of our students on October 5th! As you enter into this remote learning time period, do so with a high level of focus and productivity.  “This is not a test”, as strange as it may seem, the school year has officially begun - get off to a strong start! 

I encourage you to have a high level of communication with your teachers and counselors. Communication will be the key to success during this strange time in our lives. 

As of 9/14 we are operating on our traditional bell schedule. The schedule can be found on the “more” tab of our website. 

Over the past three years we have worked tirelessly to brand the MHS Core Values with our students, staff, and community; to be compassionate, resilient, risk takers, and problem solvers.

It is in times of challenge that we can see the importance of each of these core values.   Lean on these core values and practice them in all you do !